Branch History

The Lompoc-Vandenberg Branch, AAUW was chartered April 21, 1964. In April 2014, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the branch with a luncheon at the Village Country Club.  Many past presidents traveled back to Lompoc to celebrate with us and AAUW CA President, Alicia Hetman, helped us mark this important milestone.

We contacted past presidents from the early days of the branch and recorded 50 years of memories from several scrapbooks into a PowerPoint presentation which our 50 guests enjoyed.

Lompoc-Vandenberg Branch Past Presidents

1964-65                       Joyce Kaiserman

1965                            Peggy Doole

1965-66                       Louise Gray

1966-67                       Tonya Schultz

1967-68                       Maryann Goodwin

1968-70                       Ruth Adams

1970-71                       Neva Boyer

1971-72                       Phyllis White

1972-73                       Beth Mott

1973-74                       Connie Savage

1974-75                       Mary Holdsambeck

1975-77                       Dianne Owens

1977-79                       Barbara Schmidt

1979-80                       Donna Wood

1980-81                       Anne Les

1981-82                       Brenda Seggerman

1982-84                       Betty Staight

1984-86                       Paula Higgins

1986-88                       Julie Davies

1988-89                       Lee Hipsher

1989-91                       Phyllis Newton

1991-92                       Kathleen Salli

1992-94                       Edith Hicks

1994-95                       Phyllis Newton, Penny Perdue

1995-96                       Penny Perdue, Dorene Wellck

1996-97                       Carol Ann Johnson, Anne Les

1997-98                       Marell Brooks, Paula Higgins

1998-99                       Marell Brooks, Edith Hicks

1999-00                       Past Presidents in turn

2000-01                       Marell Brooks

2001-02                       Vice-Presidents in turn

2002-03                       Carol Ann Johnson, Anne Les, Phyllis Newton

2003-05                       Marell Brooks, Mary Vossler, Cecilia Walker

2005-07                       Fran Clow

2007-08                       Mary Vossler

2008-09                       Jan Herber

2009-10                       Sandy Healy, Donna Wood

2010-11                       Sandy Healy, Jan Herber

2011-12                       Mary Vossler

2012-16                      Dianne Owens

2016- 20                     Patricia Grijalva

2020-2021                  Pam Buchanan

2021-                           Patricia Grijalva

Named Endowments

In 1982, the Lompoc-Vandenberg Branch Research & Projects Endowment was established, and in 1986, the endowment (#1266) was completed.  From the interest earned each year, completed endowments fund Community Action Projects and Career Development Grants.

In 1987, AAUW CA established the Dianne Owens International Fellowship Endowment (#1647).  This was completed in 1990 with a total of $100,000.  From the interest earned each year, completed International Endowments fund women from other countries to study in the United States.

In 2000, AAUW CA established the Anne Les American Fellowship Endowment (#4168).  This was completed in 2001 with a total of $100,000.  From the interest earned each year, completed American Endowments fund American women to further their studies.

Named Gift Honorees to AAUW Funds

1966-67          Martha Negus

1968-69          Lompoc-Vandenberg Fifth Anniversary

1969-70          In honor of the Community, Ruth Adams

1970-71          Maryann Goodwin

1971-72          Responsive Government for a Better Environment

1972-73          Savino and Alice Lopez

1973-74          Lompoc-Vandenberg Tenth Anniversary, Lompoc Centennial

1974-75          Dr. Pearl Chase

1975-76          Grace Bell

1976-77          Dianne Owens, Olive King

1977-78          Beth Mott, Charlotte Benton

1978-79          Marlise Ross, Phyllis White

1979-80          Martha Bray, Fran Dyste, Barbara Bolton, Barbara Schmidt

1980-81          Donna Wood, Creative Arts Program, La Purisima Mission,  Helen Valentine, Carol Nash

1981-82          Julie Yocum, Leona Cohig, Friends of the Library, SB Co. Commission on Women

1982-83          Helen Hartman, Rick Schmidt, David & Sandra Lemon, Kathy Salli

1983-84          Marell Brooks, Dee Forester, Anne Les, Betty Staight

1984-85          Debbie Murry, Pat Reigel, Allan Hancock College, YMCA

1985-86         Paula Reiner, Connie Steffen

1986-87          Carol Ann Johnson

1987-88          Julie Davies, Cee Frankhouser

1988-89          Marge Beebe, Lee Hipsher

1989-90          Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition

1990-91          Phyllis Newton, Kathy Asbury, June Klapakis

1991-92          Terrie McLaughlin, Kathy Salli, Doreen Wellck, Dave & Elaine Long

1992-93          Joyce Barker, Barbara Bolton, Penny Perdue, Kathy Woods

1993-94          Ruth Adams, Edith Hicks, Virginia Kern

1994-95          Lee Van Bergen

1995-96          Alice Milligan

1996-97          Addie Singleton

1997-98          Bess Christensen, Joyce Howerton

1998-99          Marell Brooks

1999-2000      Anne Les

2000-01          Janice Keller

2001-02          Virginia Kern, In memory of Helen Hartman, in memory of Brenda Seggerman

2002-03           Phyllis Newton, Kathy Salli

2003-04          Lompoc-Vandenberg Branch 40th Anniversary

2004-05          Joan O’Reilly, Mary Vossler

2005-06          Cecilia Walker

2006-07           Fran Clow

2007-08            Sandra Lemon & Family

2008-09           Jan Herber

2009-10          Wynn Clevenger

2010-11          Joyce Barker

2012-13          Sandra Healy

2013-14          Lompoc-Vandenberg Branch 50th Anniversary

Charter Members: Tonya Schultz, Myra Wapner, Donna Wood

2014-15          Cathy Trevino

2015-16          Barbara Bolton

2016-17          Julie Schneringer

2017-18          Pamela Buchanan, Dianne Owens

2018-19          Elena Jones, Kati Smith

2019-20         Pat Grijalva

2020-21          Lucy Thoms-Harrington